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J2C Enterprises’ ecosystem is a revolutionary new way to do systems integration and project management in the government and commercial sectors. Where, once before, clients were limited to a small group of prime contractors to do large scale projects, limiting ideas and raising prices, now, through J2C’s unique partnering with smaller, focused contractors, clients get best-of-breed services, increased options, and lower costs. 

Where smaller contractors were once locked out of large projects, they can now become part of those projects, as full partners, not as mere subcontractors.

Partners and Vendors

We take pride in every project we have done. 

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J2C projects run the entire range of Broadcast, AV and Media-Centric IT, and facilities that include any combination thereof, including:
  • Broadcast Facilities
  • NOCs
  • Unified Communications
  • Large Scale AV systems
  • Enterprise purchasing deployment
  • Virtual Reality
  • Wired and wireless networks and Mesh Systems
  • Transmission/Satellite
  • Enterprise Cloud Solutions – on and off premises
  • Cyber Security
  • Command and Control
  • Unmanned Ground and Aerial Technology
  • Structured Cabling
  • Aerospace – federal, state and local
  • Service agreements


J2C Enterprises was founded and is led by two industry veterans, John Chandler and Christopher Street, and is advised by another industry veteran, Brian Cabeceiras.
Bio Picture Chris Street

Christopher Street


Chris is the initial investor and acting CEO/CFO. His work as President and General Manager of Riedel Communications, Marketing and Sales Director at American Tower, and a former Principal at Booz-Allen&Hamilton, Chris has seen first hand how effective partnerships benefit both clients and contractors.

Bio Picture John Chandler

John Chandler


John is the President and has worked in the Federal Contracting space for 30 years. His resume of projects is long and impressive. Working with systems integrators, manufacturers such as Grass Valley, and government contractors, he knows both the needs and procedures that create a seamless and effective experience while creating high quality, large scale systems. Experienced in presale, RFP design and response.

Bio Picture Brian Cabeceiras

Brian Cabeceiras

Director / Advisor

Brian is a member of our Board of Directors and has an active roll in defining our Strategy and validating our Action Plans. He has 34 years of experience in the Media & Entertainment Industry, in roles ranging from Chief Strategy/ Technology Officer to SVP of Sales and Marketing in leading companies such as Imagine Communications, Harris Corporation, Leitch Technology and Tektronix Corporation / Grass Valley Group. Currently serving as Board Member and/or Advisor to publicly traded, ESOP, various stage Start-ups and to PE/VC firms.

Since first working on projects in 2012, John and Chris have brainstormed better ways to do Systems Integration, particularly in the government space. J2C Enterprise is the result.
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