The Power of Partnerships

J2C presents a new paradigm in Systems Integration, a unique way of working that benefits both clients and contractors: bring together the best minds and teams in each technology sector of the project and support them in their non-core business, while at the same time bringing down project costs and risks by running a lean operation of experts.

Government contracting is a complex process with a very broad spectrum of technical, operational and management requirements, usually leading to a vicious cycle of inefficiency and higher costs. The larger and more cutting edge the project, the greater the requirements on contractors, which due to practical limitations leads to outsourcing/ subcontracting, in itself increasing the complexity even more. Layers of subcontracting and bureaucracy increase need for controls and other non-core activities, leading to higher non-core personnel and costs.

J2C’s philosophy is to bridge this gap between small and medium sized contractors and the client, thereby reducing project complexity, risks and costs while improving quality. Our expertise is in:

  • bringing together a hand-picked family of small and medium sized contractors, many of them the absolute best in their field, the same talent Prime Contractors often call on to actually get the work done;
  • empowering these sub contractors to overcome their deficiencies and decrease their dependency on PRIME contractors for business and negotiations;
  • offering services to allow contractors to focus on core business activities;
  • aggregating our expertise in business development and project management to complement shortcomings;

The result - better projects, for less money. It is a new way of working, disruptive to the big guys, but to clients and smaller contractors, revolutionary.

The benefits to clients is clear – the ability to bring together the best minds, knowledge and teams in each technology sector to your project; give you a wider range of thought, design and ideas; bring the top project management talent to your project, weaving just the best contractors and engineers you need, and no more, into a seamless project experience; while at the same time, bring down your costs and risks.

But the benefits to contractors who choose to partner or become part of J2C are just as compelling – perhaps most important to the contractor is that you are no longer a “second thought” in a Prime Contractor’s stable of companies. You are a full partner in every project we do, able to influence the project, make more profit, and still be competitive with the Primes.

Some of the tangible benefits are – leverage our business development resources, reducing your dependency on the Prime’s pipeline for projects and permitting you to focus on projects aligned with your market strategy. Take control of your negotiations and your margins, no longer depending on the Prime’s negotiation of your margins on your behalf and instead leverage our services to allow for a leaner operation focused on your core business.

Join the ecosystem!!!

Want to know more about our unique partnership approach? Interested in becoming a J2C partner or investor? Contact us and let’s talk. You’ll be glad you did.

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